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June 28, 2022 · 1 min read

New Moon June 29-July 12

Symbol – Extreme

The New Moon provokes emotional extremism and craving for extremes, while inclining us to emotional demarches, manipulation of feelings or a blunt blackmail. Falling for resentment or anger one may arouse a devil with a rake who was sleeping without disturbing anyone in a still water. Α strong urge to move forward and enlarge one’s boundaries runs across a barrage of prejudice and fear of changes. Conflict of interests and views between younger and older family members, or between progressive and conservative part of a group or society may aggravate. On this new moon the most delicate and strategic issues of stocks, resources, estates and domiciles come to light. Somebody’s actions may be perceived as an attempt on family values or national patrimony. In society, protests against actions of leaders, as well as manipulations on national and patriotic topics are possible. One should be cautious whilst declaring something on these themes. Meanwhile, it is good to get rid of excess liquid in the body, as well as of painful emotions and toxic attachments, to burn down excess weight and fears in some energetic activity, while playing outdoors, going on a hike or doing physical exercises. It is worth to occupy yourself with a clearance οf very old and dusty heaps or to start a repair. Around the full moon it is better to withhold of extreme assessments. An active pity for yourself or for others does not lead to anything good as it is easily gets transformed into an evil club painfully hitting on the sides. However, what frightens and seems attempting on your personal borders and habitual private harbour may give an impetus to development.