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January 30, 2022 · 4 min read

Flying Stars 2022

How to prepare your abode

How to prepare your abode in 2022 considering Flying Stars

As regards even the flying stars 2022 is a stripy year. It can both please and upset us, because all stars, being both good or malicious ones, fly into their natural abodes (areas, sectors) while doubling their strength and effect. Those whose houses are arranged in accordance with the natural energies of 5 elements, won’t have to change much. The most malefic stars of “Misfortune” (5) and “Illness” (2) arrive at the Center and the South-West respectively. This is inconvenient because the center of our home usually is its heart, and the South-West is a place of ​​the house hostess, the main woman.

We can get rid of malicious stars “5” and “2” while using a homemade salt bowl, wind chimes made of 6 hollow pipes, or a bunch of 6 metal coins, and also while strengthening the Metal element. It is not recommended to use these sectors as bedrooms and working places, it is better to reduce the time you spend in them. In 2021 it happened that I practiced yoga in sector of “2”, so I placed a salt bowl beforehand and yoga is a well-known strong healing and transformational practice.

What am I going to do? I will prepare and put salt bowls cures in afflicted areas and rehang the wind chimes. I will have to close the living room in the South-West and remove the sofa from the center of the house. I noticed that breakdowns and leaks usually happen in the affected sectors, if pets live in them, they are also under the strike. Personal luck is stronger than flying stars, but we do not always know what its supply is in a particular year, so what can be brought into line with the flying stars.

In the East, where the star of conflicts and robberies arrives (3), elements of Fire are needed for protection: from a red sheet of paper to the light of a bright crystal chandelier, or a candle flame; do not put flowers and elements of Water there.

In the West, the remedy for star “7” (gossip, quarrels, disputes) is 3 bamboo stalks or other plant which is able to stay in water (in a glass vase), a bowl with water, and all means that exhaust the Metal.

One should not sit with one’s back to the North because this is the direction that enemies come from, it is even better to turn around and meet them face to face.

How to activate favorable areas?

Southeast (4) ++ One should put lush plants and elements of Water, use blue and green colours, hang plans of one’s dreams on the wall regarding hobbies, education or travel. Paired elements, figurines are beneficial to attract good luck in love. Make sure that there are no dirty slippers and rags, or unsettled mess.

• There is a garden with many cats in that area of my house, so I am sure that they will continue to breed with an incredible enthusiasm.

South (9) ++ Natural abode of fire, so elements of live fire and bright light are beneficial, for example, a crystal chandelier, especially with 9 crystals, purple, red colours, peacock feathers and flowers work fine. It is recommended to meditate on success and prosperity using live fire.

Northwest (6) ++ Career and Goals. Diplomas, awards, photos of authorities and gurus that you are drawn to work fine. The sector is enhanced by metal: wind chimes with 6-7 hollow tubes, metal objects, crystals (quartz), stones and even Earth element. If your entrance door is in this direction, it sounds good. It is recommended to open it at sunset in order to let in beneficial life-giving energies along with the evening air, because air and energy are closely interconnected. Here the man’s or host’s luck is multiplied. One should avoid Fire elements and it is recommended to move the stove away.

North (1) relates with Water, as it is the abode of a lonely turtle, but from the northern direction the “3 killers” come. One should use a singing bowl, metal objects, an elephant figurine, especially a special Chinese elephant as a cure.

Advice: do not overdo with strengthening cures, one-two elements are enough.

North-East (8) ++ -- The striped sector where the Grand Duke comes, he is also the striped Tiger or Jupiter, so one should treat him with respect and not meet him while sitting with his back. Whoever has a Tiger at home in some form, there he belongs. North-East is traditionally associated with the element of Earth, which is responsible for the minerals, gems and wealth, a tree of crystals, crystals, a wealth vase work naturally. The Tiger also symbolizes challenges, enemies and rivalry, so people born in the year of the Monkey or the Snake (the natural enemies of the Tiger) should not sit facing the Northeast and spend a lot of time in this sector; it is recommended to wear a mascot with the animal of the Year of the Wild Boar (Pig) or have a figurine of a wild boar on your desktop. General recommendations: do not turn your back to and do not make repairs in this area.

Although according to the Chinese calendar, the Chinese New Year begins on February 1 on the first New Moon in the sign of Aquarius, the correction in accordance with the directions should be done from about February 3 when the newborn crescent is already visible in the sky. These recommendations are general ones without taking into account one’s personal element and one’s personal directions. To choose directions for sleeping (head) or working (face), you should take into account your personal directions. At best, successful directions in 2022 could be combined with the personal ones.