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December 4, 2022 · 1 min read

Full Moon December 8-22

Symbol – Giant of Resistance

This is a “Martian” and bellicose full moon that will lead to various kinds of incidents and escalation of hostilities. If we inspired by the blind rage only, the energy dissipates and crumbles to dust and ashes, and it turns out that we hit the air while spending our force in vain. Full Moon favours ebullient and versatile work, and a bit of righteous anger can push your work forward, if it won’t be spent on bickering. Around the full moon all things will jump οn us at the same time and we have to act at various directions – it is important not to get nervous and be burned out. There will be lot of communications, trips and encounters, as well as quarrels, and hustle and bustle. From December 16 to December 19 are crucial days when we have to double-check our intentions and refrain from questionable actions, because if even they do not seem quite questionable, they may have opposite and destructive effect(!). Οne should keep oneself from intense stretching and physical exercises on limbs (hands, legs and feet) and be careful while driving. The full moon quest is how to avoid arguments and brawls, while channeling the energy in a constructive way.