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August 25, 2022 · 1 min read

New Moon August 27-September 9

Symbol – Impetuosity

The new moon’s breath will be a little nervous and hasty, around it we tend to argue, fuss and rush about. In the meanwhile, the lucky moment happens at the beginning of September, and the wings of a paraglider will pick some of us up. We can settle issues related to our health, education, and bureaucratic documents, at the same time one’s own luck will to a large extent depend on a benevolence of officials, mediators, and helpful friends. It is possible to settle many things while moderating our ambitions or while going towards meeting our spouse or close partner’s view. From September 5 one should dispose oneself in a practical way and compile a working time and rest schedule. New Moon works fine for education, business trips and gaining useful contacts, and some will be lucky to escape for a vacation with a partner. It is recommended not to strain your nerves, but do what is good for one’s health and state of health, while reducing the influence of mind-destabilizing factors. The harmful mental activities are criticism, an attempt to out-argue and to prove your case. What begins in early September has a lasting and profound effect while reaching a peak of insoluble contradictions on September 15-20, and will end only in early October. Changes in plans and agreements are related to the fact that someone may promise you more than they can actually fulfil, or you can reassure yourself too much; there can be changes in the training program and postponement of dates as well. One should be accurate in planning and pay attention to details. Starting from the September 10 Mercury stations retrograde, so for some people the work started at the beginning of September will be suspended, while for others things will “put on weight” and may have important irreversible consequences – one can get in time but that will depend on benevolence of official authorities, connections or a spouse.