Creator of ArtUrania
February 15, 2022 · 1 min read

Full Moon February 16-March 1

Symbol – Indigo Drink

By the full moon events get dramatized. We will have to make a choice in tight and harsh conditions, while even facing the prospect of stains on reputation, the rejection of precious ambitions and financial losses. The stakes are high, and the most difficult thing is to moderate one’s appetites and pride in favour of mutual understanding and agreement. It pays to act against ambitions, which are both hot and toxic. What cannot be solved with money can be solved with the help of invigorating coolness and detachment, or by an outside observer, a mediator. The situation is similar to a roller coaster, when the cars having reached the peak begin to creak or even fly down and accidental breakdown or even a provocation may happen. In creative work and love one has to choose whether to prefer freedom or try to fit by force into narrow framework whilst being hunched up. In relationship, one may hear complaints about lack of appreciation and attention to someone’s needs. Do not dramatize the situation; your feelings and claims expressed vehemently feeling may not meet understanding while leading only to conflict escalation. Conflict, famous persons, your own passionate feelings, children and favourite brainchild are at focus. Something that gets out may turn inside out and ostentatiously dramatized. Oddly enough, if one relaxes and takes into account the interests of others (and especially if one does not want anything at the same time) there is a chance to get out with fewer losses. If one is able to dissolve one’s self-centeredness in love, then one will get not a poison, but a curative indigo drink. Around the full moon it is not recommended to make surgeries, dental treatment; take care of your ardent heart, upper back and ankles, sport injures are possible.