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May 8, 2022 · 3 min read

Jupiter in Aries

Symbol – Tribune

From May 10 to October 27 Jupiter enters Aries in its beloved Fiery Trigon. In the sign of Aries our world’s view lacks objectivity. We see the world in a very unambiguous and contrasting manner like a silhouette of a blue rabbit on the yellow moon. We feel the need to make over this world, to finish with the injustice and with the things that do not suit us as well as with those who live “wrong”. Since the day of our birth, we are in a permanent conflict with our milieu and ourselves, and during Jupiter’s transit in Aries this conflict  comes to the boil. We should be cautious in our desire to struggle for a place on the bright side of the moon or to eradicate injustice together with the old setup, because personal ambitions and “righteousness” easily transform into violence and authoritarianism.

The power of Jupiter is that it is able to overcome the crises boldly and creatively, so the unhappy individuals can manage to drag themselves out by the ears, like baron Munchausen once succeeded while pulling himself out of the swamp. Jupiter gives chances to one and all to prove themselves. Progressive reforms and the rejection of outdated forms of government, clanships and nepotism in favour of openness and publicity are likely. Jupiter in Aries puts emphasis on children, as well as on our “inner child”, so one should be open for new possibilities and “be like a child”. It is good to help children with their personal and creative development, to enroll them into a hobby group or a sport section. It is worth to accustom them to be more independent, and to the fact that independence means responsibility. Jupiter in Aries works fine for competing and winning prizes, as well as for cheering for your favourite leaders, commanders, armies, parties and teams.

In May, June and July we may see the escalation of matters related to nationalism and patriotism, national patrimony and disputed lands, as well as strategic stocks, natural resources and reserves. We may witness heroic examples and national leadership as well as convulsive conservatism and one’s all-devouring fire-like appetites. Industrial strife, strikes, fires and drought leading to crop failure may happen.

Jupiter in Aries pushes leaders to address people directly and imposes a new strategy of expansion. The initiative, like a flaming touch, may pass into the hands of those who previously suffered from its lack or from someone else’s initiative. The hectic time is from May 25 to July 5 with the peak in late May-early June when the bellicose Mars joins Jupiter in the sign of Aries, and in late June-early July when Jupiter is aspected by the Sun. We are destined to root for our Motherland, ancestral home, parents and children. It is worth to notice that our ideological opponents and “enemies”, in a word, all those people from whom we divide ourselves may pertain similar feelings.