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July 27, 2022 · 1 min read

New Moon July 28-August 11

Symbol – Light Surrounded by Darkness

On August 4 the locomotive of Destiny passes the midpoint between eclipses. At least a week before and after unexpected emergencies are likely, such as loss of patience or some belongings, losses because of theft, breakdowns of gadgets and technical equipment, delays in the delivery of food or materials, as well as injures and fractures. From that moment on our society enters a phase of a drawn-out confrontation, while the problems that we have been struggling with may launch into a counter-offensive. Physical body is vulnerable, especially the area of a throat and a lower jaw. Some will have a feeling that the handbrake has been sharply pulled, but for others everything will move from the dead point in such a way that it is going to be a huge bang. One should check one’s actions not to cause any inadvertent harm. Nevertheless, something may befall around July 31 and then require repair, a long adjustment and getting used to, as well as patching up financial gaps; the accident rate will increase. This new moon tends to be tough, so one will need to change some arrangements without relying too much on pompous promises, whilst during the second week a visit to friends will prove to be both pleasant and helpful. In love or on holiday it is better to prefer what is familiar and close to the heart. Around the full moon on August 7-11 some surprises and inflammable situations are possible because of dissatisfaction with the present situation, intemperance or a strong sexual urge, which is worth to sublimate into a domestic occasion, home party with guests or a spectacular art, but one should be cautious of incidents while being in a dissatisfied group of people or among warmed-up crowd. Otherwise, the exhibitions, opening days, traditional carnivals and festivals will go well. The beginning of August works fine for making our home, office or cottage cozy, while equipping the premises with necessary facilities and relaxing among our nearest and dearests. This is a good time for making food preserves, storage and stockpiling.