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December 21, 2022 · 1 min read

New Moon December 23-January 5

Symbol – The Lion of Mahabalipuram

During the last New Moon of the outgoing year we are full of plans and ambitions. If they are bloated like ones that the lion with a large muzzle has, that will lead to conflicts with superiors, parents or those from whom you depend on. There will be many contacts, communications, and trips, including business ones. Meetings with the old acquaintances concern professional topics, whereas with parents they relate mostly to family and domestic stuff. The communication itself will touch on sensitive topics and may stresses one out, but works fine for ones who really ready to forget old grudge and listen to more experienced and elder ones. On December 29 Mercury dismounts to start its retrograde movement. Until the vernal equinox of 2023 we live the consequences of actions of Fall 2022, so in December and January we move slowly along Aldebaran-Antares runway. Needless to say, that along that way there will be pits, air pockets and debt traps plus various surprises. Your professional skills and personal merits will be appreciated, although it is not worth to be pushy while climbing up the career ladder. When the boss succeeds, he/she will pull up you too, while he/she will remember the attempt to get around. In business circle acquaintances may turn out to be useful and effective, but the closer to January the less their real benefit. One may engage one’s business contacts, and old friends can help with a job, although at the end of December, instead of bonus and pay rise, one may simply be praised.