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January 12, 2022 · 2 min read

Mercury Retrograde January Loop

January 11-14–February 3

During Mercury retrograde in January we need a boldness to accept alternative, odd, and the strangest ideas, whilst the intransigence and estrangement nip them in the bud, producing rollbacks and crackdowns. The ability to understand a fellow man and to accept of someone else’s viewpoint will guide you like an Elven starlight through the darkness of ignorance and insanity. If your ideas do not to meet with approval, or you are a hasty, premature innovator, who does not himself realize the imminent changes that are at hand, do not rush, because the rashness will provoke chaos only. It is better to use the pause to rethink what is going on. Sometimes we should change the way of thinking, and the problem will fix itself. During Mercury retrograde, it is useful to be a bit clown or a circus performer to have an opportunity to unconventionally rethink the state of affairs, and then creatively rework them. This will help to come with a fresh idea shining like a bright lantern out of a dull dead end, or let drop unnecessary things. A well-trodden and clear track will appear after Aquarius New Moon in the beginning of February; however, it will be preceded by an unexpected event, a sudden turn in business or a crisis in creativity.

On the days before the full moon we tend to heedlessness and extravagant behavior. One may want to change one’s lifestyle or regime drastically etc., to dart off and go somewhere. Any undertaking or folly must be thought out quite well beforehand! By January 17-18 the wild burst of madness and unexpected surprises will culminate. Experiments will yield unexpected results. A necessary thing can easily be lost or broken, but a less needed one can be found. It is possible that you will want to disassemble something in order to fix it. It is recommended to postpone operative interventions (except the vital ones) in ankles, venous and nervous systems, as well as dental treatment.

Machinery and equipment breakdowns, accidents, disruption of current plans, unexpected trips and meetings are likely; one should be careful with equipment and electrical current. January 10-20 is an unpredictable time for planned travel and flights. One should be ready to navigate quickly in a suddenly changing situating in order to transfer railway coaches of personal plans to spare rails or even race on a railcar.