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August 11, 2022 · 1 min read

Full Moon August 12-26

Symbol – Cool Ocean's Breath

Close to this Full Moon things may turn out an unexpected but duly way relating to spendings, an encounter or a trip. This August full moon has a cool breath which sets a chilling, separating and even clenching trend that urges one to search for deliberate, analytical and ‘fixative’ decisions. The problems of friends, children, in a group or on the final stage of the joint projects may arise. Friends may need your advice or help, or you may become friends with somebody because of certain business or while making it. The two-week period after the full moon will pass energetically, so it is worth to put your heart into a desirable or your favourite activity, while thinking with a cool and sober head. It is strongly recommended to allow yourself a long-expected luxuriance, it may be a holiday, a present, a wellness or sports center, as well as tickets to some sports or spectacular show. For some of us these days will become a pleasant time of prizes, rewards and praises. Meanwhile by new moon on August 27 a sharp moment or a controversy gathers head that require timely adjustment and response to the situation. This issue is rooted in the beginning of August, but its top sticks out from the different soil.