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March 17, 2022 · 1 min read

Full Moon March 18-31

Symbol – Memorial Procession

This full moon before the Astrological new year and vernal equinox on March 20 is connected with a whole succession of events, with a farewell procession and leaving. We give away some dreams, habits and our outlook on world as a place consisting of white and black stains only, because the destruction of ideas, appraisal and habitual way of life occur. The full moon brings us knowledge of the world from different sides in its multidimensionality in some kind of a mystic way. Some difficulties may arise not only due to the wrong choice, but also as a result of odd coincidences. Laws of “retribution” are intertwined and multifaceted in time and space, and not always in response to our “good” or “bad” deed we get the same in answer. By a strange twist of fate, we may find ourselves depending on mercy of the ones we have been conquered, or surrender to what we have been trying to avoid. One should not to gossip or criticize neither justly nor unjustly, because criticism brings distraction and confusion into one’s own mind. This full moon decreases one’s vitality and immunity, so it is worth supporting our life forces, especially with water procedures and the practice of inner peace. If we fail to close the sad chapter in our life, then the story will drag on into in the next year, while continuing the chain of events. One may see signs, omens and prophetic dreams. Last few days of March are difficult. Our fixation on our own assessments and details and identification with tiny and limited prevents us from “listening” to the silence and feeling the integrity of this world, whilst the experiencing of that can give us an innermost support. The integral world abides in harmony and sincere prayers will be heard.