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September 24, 2022 · 1 min read

New Moon September 25-October 8

Symbol – Pure Awareness

This New Moon continues outlook and ideological separation in personal relationships and business alliances. While some of us are in for living apart, others will experience the clash of opinions and aggravation of contradictions. Where previously it did not go any further than talks, it will come down to specifics, whilst claims may develop into lawsuits. One has to be patient and make some concessions if one wishes to come to a consensus with a spouse or partners. Probably, while lowering our own ego and demands we have to support and stand up for a close partner. The current period is effective for putting knowledge into practice, taking care of nearest and dearest, and visiting a doctor. You can fix your schedule or routine while making it healthier. This new moon favours communications, studies, and establishing mature relations. Everything concerning relationships with elder or more experienced people, as well as trips will be significant and “polyphonic” while having dazzling prospects. The new moon’s breath sets to gaining an experience which leads to more independence and growing up, but with a shade of estrangement.