Creator of ArtUrania
April 16, 2022 · 1 min read

Full Moon April 16-30

Symbol – Salvage of Surviving Things

Starting from this Full Moon we sail away into the unknown carried away by the waves of the forthcoming Sun Eclipse to unknown lands. As we sail away from the shore our things of value, familiar places and memories of dear people melt in a heavy fog. But life is a mystery which cannot be safe, so one should not try to control feelings or elements beyond one's power. The ability of letting go things, people, and situations will bring healing and relief. At the same time, the full moon arouses and brings to a peak legal disputes, courts and political disputes about the rightfulness and legitimacy of the actions of leaders, as well as their ability to manage. The first days of the full moon abounds with new impressions and surprises on road and on the way, as well as breakdowns of appliances and technical equipment, especially around April 18. Do not take many things and expensive gadgets with you, it is better to go will a little or no luggage. On April 24-26 it is difficult to come to an agreement; these days are not favourable for purchases and dealings, as well as for dental treatment. But then, the last days of April more than ever favour secret and speculative financial transactions and bargains. The end of April is particularly good for diving into esoteric, healing practices and the creative process. A secret ardent love, an intimate connection will flourish, and one may find oneself being enthusiastically involved in mass movements and processes, as well as in charitable activities. The main thing is to surrender selflessly to the will of feeling without seeking any profit, but demonstrating compassion for waywarden and fallen souls. It is not worth speculating on spirituality, inner and personal development while true empathy manifests itself if we sincerely forgive and dissolve our “I” in the Universal, while drowning our Ego with its illusionary desires in a faceless sea foam.