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January 17, 2022 · 1 min read

Full Moon January 17-31

Symbol – Tiger’s Spice-Cake

Full Moon draws the bow of submission and the bowstring of nervous tension, and the imposed rules threaten to trespass still waters of one’s private bay. One should refuse ruling others and control over those things that are not quite suitable for that – such as emotions, feeling or tears, and thereby maintain one’s peace of mind.  When you think that you owe to everybody or that others owe to you it leads to inner tension. Meanwhile the order gained by force and compulsion is reached at the cost of inner anguish and is not stable. It is worth spending time among the nearest and dearest in one’s own sweet home engaging in the loveliest activities, instead of whipping yourself up while trying to reach ambitious planes or while giving a chance to the others to urge yourself. Around this full moon the conflicts on macro and micro level will escalate, like clashes of interests between the authority and nation, bosses and employees, work and home. In the end of January it may be surge in sickness rate and intolerance, while the long “ears” of information can be twisted in different ways. What was planned before the full moon may come true around the February new moon and lead to unexpected decisions and strange steps, as well as to breakdowns and collapses. On the first New Moon in the sign of Aquarius on February 1, a Tiger jumps through the Heaven Gate, and that Tiger is quite determined.