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June 13, 2022 · 1 min read

Full Moon June 14-28

Symbol – Spider’s Nest

Around the full moon one should not step on a marshy place without a long pole and a backup plan because the possibility of errors and misactions will increase. However, we tend to lay the blame on misinformation and mischievous Destiny. Our desires and appetites will go up, but the fruit is not ripened yet for picking it up and suspends from the thorny branch. There will be many things to work on in order to achieve a result. When some of us feel frustrated, others will squeeze themselves out on June 16-19 a little bit more and receive a reward after throes of creation. Days of June 21-23 when Sun enters into the sign of Cancer are active and victorious, and one can feel free to declare oneself. At the same time on June 22-28 the Sun passes Critical Degrees, where each one carries its mystery – a struggle or a test both for the elements, such as Air, Earth, and Water and for the living beings, such as plants, animals, and humans. By June 24 the situation will escalate and around the new moon on June 29 a fiery thunderstorm may break out. Mutual claims, encroachment, scandals, denigration, as well as the possibility of manipulation of the feeling of quilt and the rule of the gun. A loud and brave one may simply not hear humble and silent ones, and even hurt someone who is small and delicate (and later be charged with it). However, one may also fall into the trap of one’s own self-confidence and excessive ambitions. Someone’s promotion or bright performance can cause an active rejection or a distorted interpretation. Do your best not to break pleasant customs and traditions of a family, a group or a community with one’s own intolerance, extravagant behaviour, or even boldness, while having respect for the feelings and personal borders of other people.