Creator of ArtUrania
March 25, 2022 · 1 min read

Vernal Equinox Syzygies 2022

Symbol – Contradictory Spirit

The midpoint of syzygies around the Vernal Equinox of 2022 clearly mark two poles. The military industrial one stomping loudly like a family of bears, and the financiers-globalists fleeting like a school of fish. These centers of gravity are going to drag in as more participants as possible and are ready to peddle in the struggle for the possessions and reserves without remainder, whilst snatching away each other's pieces.  The self-convenience that “we are right” gives us an illusion of false safety, because we all are at risk to be dragged into these “black holes”. There will be the redistribution of national wealth, financial and logistical flows, and shake-up of wallets. The years of Crusades which have begun in 2020s provoke chaos, devastation and irreversible changes. Kindness, love and savings are held hostage, meanwhile, freedom, truthfulness and simple human values are under pressure. While in search of peace we strive for mutual assistance. However in order to move to a higher level and achieve the mutual understanding, we must have a source of light in our own souls, because the world consists of such particles of light that can disperse the darkness. A potent moment for compassion, reconciliation and feeling that we have a stake in the future of the world will be in the end of March-April with the peak on April 12-14. This period can also become a bend in the river, Niagara, the tsunami and a running sore of 2022, being realized as an act of Providence, force-majeure events or a major fraud and initiated performance. Those who will grab much in March-April or those who are cunning while deceiving themselves also will face consequences or prolonged confrontation in October-November.