Creator of ArtUrania
January 30, 2022 · 1 min read

New Moon February 1-15

Tiger steps on a toggle

This new moon operates like a rocker switch, a special kind of tumbler whilst triggering necessary changes. The main thing is to see the goal clearly in order to ignore any obstacles on the way. Even if one does not want those changes much, fortune wheel will switch the toggle. Tense or inflammable situations occur around this new moon in the end of January and around February 4-5. From this new moon things will achieve real momentum and passion. Purposeful Venus walking hand in hand with a bellicose and stubborn Mars will set an aggressive and assertive step along with charm and vehemence. Their race walking will facilitate self-expression and channels one’s inner resources to love, creativeness and chosen business with great energy. The success is a matter of self-motivation and organization, and sometimes a magic kick with a mighty paw can help. This year is active and belligerent, and this New Moon a couple of stripes of the year 2022 agenda becomes apparent. Tiger has already chosen its victims, so it lies in our power to show humanity and selflessly help our fellow, team, or organization while showing cohesion. Predators will not fail to state their claims and sharpen their claws on someone. There is an edifying parable about a tiger who invited all edible animals for a dinner, and only the rabbit dared to ask him shyly if he might not come. “Ok, you may NOT come, little rabbit”, – Tiger said, while striking him off the list for he was sure that he would get enough food anyway.