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July 11, 2022 · 1 min read

Full Moon July 13-27

Symbol –Tricks of Organization

The full moon may turn out to be quite effective and organizing if one finds a right approach. Even from the most airy ideas and fantasies one can extract a kernel of good sense. While being at grass or in home environment, one will not be able to relax fully, whether due to the uncomfortable atmosphere, something wrong with food, accommodation or facilities – in a word, a fly in the ointment may spoil something. Against the odds, the full moon is rather creative while providing a flash of inspiration and fit of energy. July 16-20 are the days of rampant elements and big money, big scams, money tranches and donations, but religious and creative ecstasy as well. By the end of July the issues of real estate, inheritance and family commitments will come up, along with the problems of savings, stocks, reserves, debts and property. While some will have to think how to save their money or property, others may be overcome by anxiety about home, loved ones and relatives, as well as homesickness. However, the decision produced by an excessive concern or apprehension, as well as the feeling of possessiveness, greediness or attachment – all crawfish fears and fads – will be painful and nonoptimal. There is no freedom and eagle’s foresight in such decision, so it may turn out to be a half-decision or a half-measure. The events will proceed by leaps and bounds on  the period of July 26-August 15 that brings lot of unpredictably and shocking spontaneity, which will be realized in natural disasters and phenomena while increasing an accidental rate and financial shaking. From the new moon on July 28 abrupt changes on political arena, theater of war, and in the main roles are expected.