Creator of ArtUrania
October 11, 2023 · 1 min read

Annular Solar Eclipse October 14-28

Symbol – Celestial Architect

The themes of justice and retribution unceasingly spin the wheel of Samsara for centuries, sometimes accelerating, as at the time of this Eclipse. Meanwhile, we want to bring harmony and put everything in its place. The eclipse on October 14 will play an important role in the life of people associated with beauty, art and commerce and will play out in partnership, alliances and agreements. We will reflect on those agreements and unions, that, in theory, should be made earlier. However, instead of agreements the force may be used or “justice” will be established by it, due to the planetary square to Pluto around October 20 and next entering the planets to the sign of Scorpio make the situation bellicose and carry the banner of crusades particularly around the Full Moon on October 28. It is important for one to show its will to peace and order in a non-violent and constructive way, in which past experienced and accumulated information will help. There will be too late in some cases and what is preordained will happen on the boarder of Libra/Scorpio, which take their celestial origin from the one constellation, in which Libra was the Scorpio’s pincers. In the eclipse corridor one should avoid reckless decisions, because what was made at eclipse tends even if not to spoil fully, but to turn unsatisfactory later. Around October 20-24 the situation is escalating and becoming explosive, carrying the risk of terrorist attacks, air and other incidents, and the Lunar Eclipse on October 28 arouse a desire to get even with somebody, go to the end (and to any lengths) and craving for extremism. If you get involved in an adventure or act rashly, being careless in legal, juridical and financial matters, there could be damage and loss. One should not take one’s views to extremes, and the situation to “acute abscess” especially with bosses, people in power and senior business partners. If there is a chance to settle and to come to an agreement, make this beforehand or right now since there never was a good war or a bad peace. It is worth to share ideas and information. Some news or event around the eclipse will put a solid stone in the architectonics of your life philosophy. If you are focused on creation, constructive endeavour and collaboration, then manifest it, and the Providence will arrange the right people and situations as helpful bricks on their places.