Creator of ArtUrania
February 3, 2023 · 1 min read

Full Moon February 5-19

Symbol – Architectonics

This full moon turns out to be active, while making sudden changes in our plans. Something may edge its way into your plans, or guests may come upon suddenly. Probably, you will have to dart away and to start on your journey. We all may feel the effect of sudden turns at least few days before the full moon. If you cherish a “dream project” of future plans that abstract polyhedral construction may be partially ruined. However, the most vital plans will survive, will be picked up and reconstructed after the adjustment and confrontation. Nevertheless, one can make decision following an inspiration only, but with prejudice of the interests of a group or persons concerned. On February 8-11 something may go wrong for some of us, the others will face the consequences of the full moon period of December 8-22, 2022. In the middle of February, one should prefer the intimacy of two hearts to communication with friends, the inner meaning to outer pathos, the intuition to the intellect and to the voice of reason that will be somewhat controversial because of the lion's share of ego. Some clues will come in dreams, meditations, scents and subtle sensations. Dream, visualize, paint, create following your inspiration and listen to your intuition.