Creator of ArtUrania
November 21, 2023 · 1 min read

Full Moon November 27-December 11

Symbol – Calibration

This full moon itself is capable of tripping up small but annoying vexations in the form of superfluous contacts, “bubble” promises, gossip, errors in work, and poor health. At the same time, it is possible to clarify ambiguities in agreements, unravel deception and expose fraudsters. It is important to check the information thoroughly. Since December soberness and practicality will increase, so we will be less in the clouds, while having discovered earthly meaning and purpose. From December 5 we will have a nose for business ventures, for the real beauty that does not deteriorate over time, and the reliability of relationships. One will have to make one’s mind up on love or financial matters, to undergo a check-up of one’s loyalty or strength of conjugal, friendship or other bonds. It is good to know that we will be able to make a deeply mature choice or conclusion, even through initial rejection or resistance. It is important that your choice is sincere – not to lie to yourself or others for the sake of some profit. These days work fine to settle issues of buying and selling or renting property, objects of art, financial transactions and long-term investments (including where to invest to hide and conceal), repair, restauration, as well as for works on giving “beauty” a form and shape. There is a chance to simultaneously show a flair of a moneymaker and an art critic, a wise mentor and a lover, or a spiritual counselor and the beloved one. Your ability to resist temptations (that may pop up, by the way) is valuable, as well as the loyalty to partners. It is recommended to build business ties and communicate with people who are older, wiser and more experienced – they can give you a valuable piece of advice, while their experience can serve as a good example. It may turn out that one’s relatives, parents, teachers, chiefs and superiors will become relevant and positive topics of this full moon. The knack of taking care of others and to sacrifice your own interests if needed will return a hundredfold to you, whilst bearing bitterish fruit in the beginning, and sweet ones after.