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September 13, 2023 · 1 min read

New Moon September 15-28

Symbol – Castle of the Dunes

This New Moon urges us to perform changes, to reform, to research, and travelling, while it brings the danger of foolish miscalculations and accidents. Even if all steps are thoughtful there is still a risk to fail at Fate’s discretion. On this new moon nose and tail, end and beginning, cause and effect will be intricately intertwined. The twist of the new moon is that the promising initiations may come to grief after, while the things that were middling well, vice versa, suddenly will improve and become up-and-coming. It is worth monitoring the situation with your finger on a pulse, and nevertheless the landscape may change overnight, so that someone will have to slide from the sand dune one was climbing to. The spirit of the New Moon is endowed with a slice of catastrophism, so it can trigger or restart hostilities, whilst carrying the danger of air accidents and other calamities. The more grandiose the plans, the greater the risk of their failure. One has to avoid hustle and bustle in actions and hastiness in situation assessment as well as to be sure that introduced changes are really needed. Nevertheless, from September 18 onwards we can be content being in harmony with our loved ones, invest time or money in creative projects, our favourite hobbies and activities, as well as children; it is good to go out together in public. Mutual experiences and life vicissitudes can knit the partnership close together. On September 18-20 you may find out some mistakes in work or treatment, as well as discover things you are mistaken or being deceived in. September 23-24 is risky for new undertakings, signing agreements and court cases. Those who got ill or got stuck with something before this new moon will experience some recovering and improvement. Before the Full Moon on September 29 social turbulence will increase, so it will be hard to please yourself and your nearest and dearest.

  • All described tendencies come into effect a few days before the new moon itself. The exact New Moon occurs on September 15 at 1.39 a.m. London time. The moon is in the tropical sign of Virgo.