Creator of ArtUrania
May 16, 2023 · 1 min read

New Moon May 19-June 3

Symbol – Dragon's-breath

This New Moon possesses Dragon’s Breath and it turns out to be indomitable active and cheerful while capable of pushing our Destiny in both wanted and unwanted directions, which depends on whether we listen to our inner voice and wisdom, while restraining impatience, stubbornness and anger. The last decade of May is able to affect drastically on finances, harvest, fruitfulness and results. Your creative vision and vivid imagination together with sincere faith, will give you a chance to swim out of the storming abyss, while improving the financial situation and resolving matters related to children, self-development and personal path. However, if one plunges into rage and rush headlong, then it will be stressful and devastating both for oneself and for the people on one’s way. Heart, blood pressure, liver, and blood vessels may be at risk. The days around May 20-25 will increase extremism and intransigence, activate natural elements and hostilities. While it is a struggle for justice or against injustice, anyhow the clash of egregores and paradigms, of leaders and ambitions, of worldviews and points of views evolves. Yet behind the roar and rumble of external events, behind the loud cracking and violent rustling of irreconcilable opposites a subtle divine vibration is barely discernable. One may call it the voice of intuition, the bell clapper of mercy or the melody of silence and inner peace. If we fall silent within and tune in to its wave, it will carry us to the still shore of Serenity Island.