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July 28, 2023 · 1 min read

Full Moon August 1-15

Symbol – Fidgets

This Full Moon has an independent, friendly and adventurous spirit. It can grant a liberation, help to break the shackles and rush into “new”, however for this one has to give up or sacrifice something. This Full Moon works fine for developing activities already started, teamwork and for group and business trips. Spry and jumpy personal ego needs to be pinned down in the interests of the team, which will be much more efficiently, otherwise you may be left empty-handed. In questionable matters it is better to trust professionals, experienced executors, or follow the instructions precisely, in other case the business will fall through. The second week of the Full Moon is more about the money, over-indulgences, glut and love relationships. This is a time of strange experiments and peculiar surprises like attractively packaged Pandora’s boxes. From August 6-12 neglected love or money problems may make themselves known, while friends and ex-lovers may appear out of the blue. At the same time, loved ones and children are capable of desperately acts, whilst the trip is fraught with unforeseen expenses and force majeures. Expenses and problems are possible because of indulgence of one’s weaknesses and extravagant actions. In a word, the motto of these dates is discipline and self-discipline! You should not flatter yourself much in love matters these days, unless you both have run into each over in a hustle and bustle of a shopping mall, at an experimental exhibition, at an accident scene or during other vicissitudes of life. Meanwhile, a “crumpled” encounter or a date is possible to make one sure once again that this relationship is futile. Although, August 13 promises to be an unusual and memorable day.