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February 3, 2023 · 3 min read

Flying Stars 2023

Symbol – Energy Shift

  • How to Protect the Afflicted Areas?

The Heavenly Stem of 2023 is Water, and its Earthly branch is Wood (the Rabbit belongs to the Wood Element by itself). The same combination of the elements happened 60 years ago, and 12 years ago the year of the Rabbit occurred. One can remember what happened 12 years ago. Was the year of the Rabbit benevolent? Which kind of events one faced 6 years ago (2017-2018) in opposition to the Rabbit’s year? It is believed that the Rabbit is in confrontation with the Rooster and the Rat, that is why people who were born in the year of the Rooster and the Rat tend to have some hardships, but the Dog can help them to avoid some misfortune. It is good if one has a dog at home. One can carry a mascot or a pendant, or put a small figurine of a dog.

The most afflicted sectors are the NW (Northwest) – the Misfortune Star “5” and the East – the Illness & Accidents Star “2”. One can put salty bowls in these sectors or to hang a metal Wind Chime with 6 hollow stems (to the NW) and a string of 6 Chinese coins (to the East). The main thing that one should remember is that the bad Earth Element is exhausted by the Metal Element(!). If one has an entrance in the NW area, any squeak of the entrance door while opening and closing, may attract misfortune, so it is better to grease the door, hang a metal Wind Chime or even use the Entrance door in other area if possible.

In the SE (Southeast) area a Quarrel Star “3” comes. One should use the red and fiery colours (e.g. the red piece of paper), bright lights or lit the candle from time to time to “burn down” this Star.

The NE (Northeast) sector is afflicted with the Star “7” – Bad reputation and Scandals. The traditional cure is a 3 bamboo stems in a glass of water.

The Grand Duke is coming from the East in 2023. If one faces or sleeps with one’s head to the East it creates a great challenge, so it is better to sit with one’s back to the East direction, because in this case it will give the support. Meanwhile, “3 killings” Star comes from the West, so one should not turn with one’s back to the West. East & West sectors of one’s property are unfavourable for repair, as well as it is not recommended to make a noise, to dig, and to flap the door.  At the same time, I noticed that something will definitely break or fail on its own in the afflicted areas, so it is unlikely that it will be possible to avoid the repairs. Sometimes troubles occur not only with equipment, but also with animals living in the afflicted sectors (in 2023 – North-West, East, South-East and North-East).

  • The Lucky Stars and what Areas to Improve?

The powerful Star “4” comes to the Center of the House where the living room is usually located. The Star “4” relates with love & relationships, dreams and new plans, education and travels. Here one can put a “Dream Board” for visualization. It is good to use blue and green colours, lush plants and pair figurines. However, one should avoid an excessive Water Element (such as pool, pond or a big mirror), because the abundance of uncontrolled Water may create a risk of adultery. To strengthen an inner romance (not outer romance), one has to put a happy family photo.

The Authority Star “6” comes to the West. Hang the portraits of gurus, teachers, celebrities or one’s boss etc., as well as one’s own diplomas and awards. Use the Metal and Earth Elements to increase the good luck: crystals, jems, or a crystal ball.

On the South-West the Victory Star “1” that relates with the Water Element is coming. However, its influence is naturally weakened because the SW sector belongs to the Strong Earth. Strengthen the Star “1” with Metal which provides the Water Element, including ship or horse figurine.

In the South Area the Wealth & Money Star is coming. It is recommended to make and put a Wealth vase, jems, crystals, and precious stones, Money tree, as well as bright lights or to lit the candles. Orange, red, and terracotta colours will increase the Energy of the Star “8”. If one has a bathroom in this area (South) there is a risk that money and income will vanish rapidly. One should correct it, or even close and do not use this bathroom.

A very powerful Prosperity Star “9” comes to the North. Its purple, magenta colour brings luck, fame and recognition in those areas in which you are trying to advance and in the fields you are working on. It is curious that almost any sphere can be improved. However, its influence here is naturally weakened, because the North is the place of the Water Element. It is good to use purple and magenta colours, a figurine of a phoenix, elements of fire, and a bright lamp.