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February 19, 2023 · 1 min read

New Moon February 20-March 6

Symbol – Free Designing

This new moon will help to put our ideas into shape and initiate important undertakings. You will start and move on smoothly, while helpers and sponsors will be found. The new moon will strike up a friendship, cement up the agreements, and all activity, especially in the field of study and research, will be effective. There will be lot of communications, trips, visits, one may successfully fit into a new team. Although on February 21-22 unexpected changes and flops may happen but main things will turn out well. Meanwhile it is not recommended to base the important decisions on personal ambitions and preferences only, as well as on external effects or stereotypes. While making a choice one should look inside oneself or meet the needs of community, collective or friends. There will be good opportunities in matters of real estate, land, public structures, social and humanitarian activity, adaptation and construction. You can construct many things whether projects of own life, story building or a setting up a marriage. It is pays to get actively involved! This new moon precedes the astrological New Year on March 20 and we all will feel a fresh wind gust.