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March 6, 2023 · 1 min read

Full Moon March 7-20

Symbol – Gone with the Waterfall

The full moon influences organizational matters regarding work, study, and health, as well as pets. A torrent of affairs or peculiarities of adaptation may cause emotional fluctuations and feeling of confusion, however one has to fight for one’s interests. If you are ready to dive for pearls, you may feel the rolling, pitching and inner tossing of your boat. It may seem strange though, but it is an auspicious time to solve the inner conflict and to overcome stagnation in what both the deciphering of dreams and the specialist of alternative profile can help. By the middle of the March a main and a painful issue relating to health, relocation, and semi-official income, as well as debts may acute. You may either try to solve the problem or deсide to ignore and quit, while leaving something behind in order to maintain emotional health. Possibly, one has to escape through a secret passage or a backdoor or, not without success, try to find devious ways and alternate routes which will require some pretense, ingenuity and creativity. During this full moon period with the peak in the middle of March many of us tend to be in a somewhat restless emotional and creative exaltation or, on the contrary, in a decadent mood and melancholy, whilst acting under influence of illusions or in the heat of passion, while provoking turmoil and quarrels. The risk of intoxication, catching viruses and traumas of limbs increases. One should be cautious in relation to alcohol, painkillers, sleeping pills and antidepressants. The Answer will come from within through the feeling of calm and peace or in a meditation, and to find a divine intent one should interrupt the inner dialog and stop the torrent of thoughts.

The long previous cycle is coming to an end, and following the crawling of Saturn and Pluto into other signs, the world arena’s agenda will change as well. The week before the spring equinox on March 20 will be restless. Somewhere it may manifest itself in protests, new conflicts and natural disasters, somewhere – in the redeployment and preparing to the decisive battle. This full moon echoes the November 2022 full moon.