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October 27, 2023 · 1 min read

Partial Lunar Eclipse

October 28-29-November 12

The cup of this Full Moon is filled to the brim with shakti, a creative and fruitful energy which, if clamped down or mismanaged, becomes the cause of degradation and destruction. Some strong desire may take possession of us, while becoming an idee fixe or an obtrusive fear, for this lunar eclipse is about habitual comfort, strategic finances and our closest attachments. The rebellious spirit of this Full Moon stands for the progress and development, which will be reflected in confrontation and heroic deeds. In society an aggressive propaganda of views and strengthening the claims on someone’s part will be outlined, while obvious injustice and escalation of hostilities will take place. We shall have to argue and fight for what we want, and gain life experience. This lunar eclipse will be extreme in the sense of struggle of life itself for life, while the meanness and greatness of human nature will be reflected in words and actions. It will also awake the desire for justice and revenge, spurring our vigor, determination and strengthening the opposition to the imposed will of others – the main thing is not to go completely wild. One should sublimate effectively into a creative and constructive process not forgetting to give vent to emotions and feelings. Around the Full Moon, losses due to damage of property, robbery, and filthy provocations may take place. November 4-5, 8-9, 11-13 will intensify the spontaneity of shakti, so breakdowns of things, equipment, vehicles, as well as road accidents and direct collisions are possible. The emotional response and self-reflection to this lunar eclipse makes it quite important in understanding the true nature of our desires and fears. By tracking them at the moment of their arising and asking ourselves where they came from and for whom, we get closer to their very source, while unlocking a door of the secret attic of our nature, even not the loveliest manifestations of which, we should not be afraid of. After all, the sincerity and inner fearlessness of a self-explorer cracks even the boarded-up stutters, allowing the stream of light to pour into the very heart.