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August 15, 2023 · 1 min read

New Moon August 16-30

Symbol – Lion Dragon

This New Moon promises a surprise, an enthralling sight or stirring event, the bright lights of which are enticing, but the fancy rings of flowing smoke are acrid. In the cave of the Lion Dragon all is not jewels that glitter and it is possible that even in this sacred place one may face lucratively inclined people. Therefore, one should not act, being emotionally stirred or hungry, as well as feeling oneself infinitely right. Children, beloved pets, dividends from creative activity are at risk. On this new moon the heart, blood pressure, the engine of the car can make itself felt, meanwhile the accident rate may increase because of the excessive presumption. On this new moon the temptation to appear from the best side and to show oneself is strong, but while climbing the front staircase it is easy to expose oneself for envious spits. It is important to penetrate in the very heart and essence of things, and fix the problems there, instead of making things better and beautifully looking. Since August 23, Mercury retrograde, along with the position of other planets on this new moon, promises us returning to unfinished business, delays, legal difficulties, and discussions on unpleasant topics, including the extravagance and inappropriate behaviour of nearest and dearest. The complicated days are August 26-28. There will be expenses on study or medical treatment, as well as additional charges and fees. On the 20th of August surgeries on feet, limbs, stomach and intestines are not recommended. The best way is to allow the creativity and selfless feelings to manifest themselves naturally, without being spoiled by expectations from others and without being blinded by the radiance of one’s own Self.