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May 2, 2023 · 1 min read

Full Moon May 5-18

Symbol – Rehabilitation

This Penumbral Lunar Eclipse carries an echo and aftereffects of the events of the Solar Eclipse, while superimposing our mental and emotional reflection. However, what we have been worried and upset about we will have to let go, whilst relying on Fate, which might bring surprises on May 5-9. Yet, the second decade of May gives us possibilities to make a weighty contribution to real estate and family, make practical and planned purchases for house and dacha, renew an interior, as well as to secure and to weed a garden plot. It also provides opportunities to make a repair, pay off debts and to redeem something from the pledge, as well as to meet the budget. It is good to fit up a home while bringing comfort, spend time with family or in a kind-hearted homely atmosphere, to visit relatives or to go to the countryside. This time favours for spiritual and creative activity, turning ourselves to traditions and beginnings, and for opportune returning to any previously started and interrupted business. If one digs into archives, photographs and “depths”, one may find hidden treasures, family heirlooms and legends. Some of the old things can be repaired and remade in a new way, while some others can be sorted and disassembled giving away the unnecessary. The second decade of May also works fine for treatment and rehabilitation: both for patching up spiritual wounds and physical recovery; one may treat and fix teeth. If one goes on holiday, it is good to prefer a cozy family hotel; retreat would work fine as well. A confirmation of loyalty and devotion or a gift in the spirit of family traditions will strengthen the relationship; one may introduce the beloved one to one’s parents. On May 15, Mercury turns direct, while on May 16, Jupiter ingresses into the tropical Taurus, making a bellicose, explosive and offensive T-square which will heat up the situation on the world arena near the next New Moon in May.