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July 16, 2023 · 1 min read

New Moon July 17-31

Symbol – Wuthering Mountain Pass

The July new moon turns into a summer wuthering mountain pass around July 20-23 where it is easy to slide downhill and flip over in careless rashness. Something tends to break down, collapse, pour down or emerge like a mountain summit in cumulus clouds, for example during tax audit or other check-ups, scheduled work or health examinations. The right decision is in detailed and efficient working through, drawing working plan and in proceeding by successive and careful small steps or iterations. It is better to postpone surgeries on oral and lower abdominal cavity, feet and limbs scheduled before July 24, and use these days for rehabilitation and fixing old standing problems. The first week of the new moon is not the best time for tour trips, hikes and starting of constructions, however one has to do repair or cleaning anyway, whether it be repairing and cleaning the drainage and waste systems or getting rid of insects, weeds, parasites and toxins. Focus should be on healthier daily routine, struggle with bad habits, cleaning the working space and cleansing the body. In a non-constructive way, the tendency of taking out one’s grievances on others and finding the guilty ones will prevail, while the confrontation and disassembly with enemies will escalate. July 19-24 are accident prone, while carrying an element of malfunction, broken appliances and misinterpretation. Children, teenagers and home pets are at risk and should be supervised. While some may suffer from other people’s intrigues and slanders, others will become hostages of their own promises and loud statements according to the proverb: “if you pledge, don't hedge”. However, the end of July promises us meeting with the loved ones, news from eх- and present friends wishing to visit, and the fulfillment of long-promised cherished desires. It also works fine for cooperation, promotion and advertisement. One can make one’s presence felt and show oneself from the best side, or even to start a business that was planned and intended a long before – meanwhile, partners will join.