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March 21, 2023 · 1 min read

New Moon March 21 – April 5

Symbol – New Beginning

This new moon will grant us a fit of energy and motivation, the necessary information will come, and agreements and issues will be clarified thanks to trips, communication and mediation of friends and acquaintances. The fresh breeze will dispel both the gloomy fog and stormy clouds in our heads, so the mind will clear up, the horizon and the way out of a dead-end will become visible, as well as solution to the annoying problem. This new moon coincides with the vernal equinox – this coincidence happens approximately once in 30 years, so the bad things in the past should be left in the past. It works fine for education, acquiring new skills, taking initiatives and undertakings, while one can start boldly and initiate something. At the same time, the new moon can bake a cake of desires with tasty raisins, while presenting a love surprise, a pleasant purchase or a vacation trip. New acquaintances will appear, the desired contacts will occur, and the life plot can change the direction. However, this new moon has a cocky, trenchant and impatient spirit and despite the fact that many hands make light work, one should be careful, cautious and patient regarding one’s actions. Since April Saturn enters a “destructive degree” while checking our sustainability.