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December 12, 2023 · 1 min read

New Moon December 13-26

Symbol – Ocean Turtle

This new moon is intriguing due to Mercury stations retrograde, its aspects and its position in the heart of the Sun on the day of winter solstice. New Moon accentuates postponed but long-planned agreements and visits, and the fulfilling of long-held dreams, but all this must happen by the highest good of Fortune, or earthy protectors, sponsors and other benefactors. Nevertheless, one will have to put unfinished and unspecific plans away into the New Year's Eve box. The new moon offers us to refine our work or knowledge, improve our studies, finalize the project, negotiate funding and elaborate the steps leading to future success. Venus slightly spoils the pre-New Year’s marathon, while highlighting a consumer side like “you give it to me, then I will give something to you” and focusing us on the shortcomings of relationships and financial gaps, as well as on settling some scores in the manner of ‘’an eye for an eye”. The risk of fines, surcharges and penalties, as well as unexpected expenses increases on December 20-21, when mistakes can be costly. The New Moon works fine for sports and educational events, scientific conferences, appeal to teachers or gurus from whom one can get a useful piece of advice or a specific technique. While having obtained the valuable information we can rethink and reconsider something. First of all, the dreams of those who can afford it, and those who have been working towards it for a long time will come true, finally starting to materialize into something serious. Let Christmas or New Year’s gifts be specific and practical, and even better if they lead your grantees to their goals.