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June 3, 2023 · 1 min read

Full Moon June 4-17

Symbol – Parakeet Flower

This Full Moon will prompt us sudden and alternative information while promising unexpected encounters and purchases, but fraught with traffic accidents and breakdowns. Despite its playful, agitating and inquisitive spirit, its breath is akin to an innocent and light breeze waft suddenly striking a match, which is capable, in turn, to ignite a warehouse of firecrackers. The first days of the Full Moon stimulate artistic and creative urge and work fine for originative and creative activity, whilst bringing harmony to the home and family life. From June 5 to June 11, one can get an alluring but empty wrapper, an attractive appearance without filling, an enticing but unfulfillable promise, or a generous but fake offer. The fact of wasting money or the hurtful feeling that you have been used by someone may lead to scandals and dramas with the showdowns "who is right and who is wrong." On this Full Moon we become more sensitive to luxury and acknowledgment, to any show of affection and demonstration of love. The craving for gaming, relaxation, entertainment, and pleasure, as well as for pompous event will increase, but one will have to overpay for one’s desire to appear beautiful and successful. However, when the fire of desire blazes it is difficult to bring yourself to reason. Ego’s dirty trick is hidden in a hypocrisy and blindness of one’s own wish. It is worth asking the Supreme Consciousness to endow us with the wisdom and sense of discrimination, instead of trying to use it selfishly while pleasing our own desires. The week, starting from June 12, works fine for flirting, going on vacation, creative and commercial activity. However, by the New Moon on June 18 the risk of wrong actions dictated by passions and related with risk and adrenaline will rise. We should be careful with the feelings of our lovers and beloved ones, with the feelings all those who are partial to us, including rivals, foes, and envious persons, as well as when encounters wild animals.

Full moon trends are already in place a few days before the actual full moon.