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January 6, 2023 · 1 min read

Full Moon January 6-20

Symbol – Revising

This Full Moon promises meetings and encounters with old friends, colleagues, workers that will help to elucidate questions and relationships. However all changes, shifts and movements will be more regular and forced than super-productive. There will be a need of some reorganization, rearrangements (for example, of the furniture) and repairing or maintenance, as well as changing of place and routes. Meanwhile, we should clean our things up that should be finished patiently and piece-by-piece. Main goals may concern job hunting, moving or even emigration. The first half of the month introduces a pleasant diversity and harmony in our mutual relationships. Old friends or ex-lovers may let you hear from them. In the middle of January, we feel an acute need in new and unusual feelings or a strong desire to break out from the wheel of routine. However, one should not go to extremes and skydive if one has no practice before. An unbiased view from a different angle is also required for a creative break-through. On the New Moon on January 21 in the sign of Aquarius having completed many things and breathed out with relief we step onto a green lawn in order to welcome the New Year of the Rabbit and to shake a lucky Rabbit’s foot in a friendly manner. Yet in the first two thirds of January in a chaotic and changeable ambience, which is not very disposed to meet us halfway, we have to create cozy home diggings or a sunny and an efficient working atmosphere.