Creator of ArtUrania
June 16, 2023 · 1 min read

New Moon June 18-July 2

Symbol – Ruby Queen

The New Moon is bifacial in nature, and what at first seems attractive and deceptively easy may cause emotional turmoil and empty one’s wallet. On the New Moon or the Sun Solstice on June 21 we are kindly invited to the ball by the Ruby Queen that will lead to interesting acquaintances and initiate important undertakings, while her twin-sister can make a princely gesture. However, the variegated and motley puppet-show around is a fake, but to understand that, one should not get involved into the drama, but stay and observe detached. The motto of this new moon is “a willing horse needs no spur”, because the new moon intensifies emotions and feelings in a burst of which we can dare for something serious and risky, while saying “OK, here I go!”. One should be especially precautious on June 20-22 and 24-29. Everything related to love, relationships with nearest and dearest (including children), and activities that bring pleasure and joy, as well as creative projects will amplify. We tend to act impulsively and selfishly, out of own fervent and zealous feelings as well as out of our best intentions. Something will hang before our eyes like an attractive and annoying carrot in front of a donkey, for which we are ready to run at full speed, be reckless or play a dirty trick on someone, show a fit of generosity, or even try to bite somebody. In other words, in the end of June we tend to get into a passion and fuss more than is really necessary to fulfill our desires, which may spoil the things. Therefore, each time the carrot sways affably to the beat of one’s life cart, it is worth repeating like a mantra: “do not be in rush, be calm”. If you can set your mind up to be happy regardless fulfilment of the desires or not, and act without undue excitement and without concerning about results, then it will turn out well with business and long-term projects. The days in the beginning of July will be fruitful and productive however not without surprises. The decisions at the end of June-beginning of July will have significant consequences at the end of July, and even more from August to the first half of October.