Creator of ArtUrania
August 29, 2023 · 1 min read

Full Moon August 31-September 14

Symbol – Sand Dunes Shadows

While bringing us back to our actual duties and daily routines, this Full Moon will let the shadows on the sand – subconscious impulses and ulterior motives – manifest themselves. One can really feel all the ins and outs – the hidden manipulations of others and inner intrinsic causes of one’s own acts which can express in explicit form in regularly repeated small things and details. When you get figure out the true motivation whether it be positive or negative, many things will fall into place. From September 4 the direct Venus in concordance with Mars stimulates partnership and creative work, whilst helping to organize things. This time with the peak on September 6-8 works fine for finalizing agreements with partners, arranging financial matters and opening a bank account – something that has been planned before. Necessary and not very necessary trips and travelling are possible, while one can manage to combine business with pleasure: to meet one’s friends and colleagues. Before September 8 it is good to get rid of or get purified from those things that are not actually needed or have a latent devastating influence, whether be it accumulated things or inner fears. The more junk you discard, the more order you bring into your life. Around the Full Moon the effect from meditation and sincere sympathy will increase. It is good to cleanse oneself from toxins, fast and engage in physiotherapy exercises. Someone will have to pay a visit to the doctor, or undergo a checkup, but in many ways most indispositions and ailments which manifest themselves around the Full Moon have deeper emotional reasons. One should not drown one’s sorrows in wine or bury one’s apprehensions at the bottom of subconsciousness (from there they look even uglier), it is better to bring them into the light, and then, together with the reliable partner, you will be able to come up with the effective way how to cope with them.