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April 5, 2023 · 1 min read

Full Moon April 6-19

Symbol – Shanti

We have to manifest our ingenuity and resourcefulness or to play an arbiter role, but in such a way as not to hurt somebody’s feelings. The full moon suggests to build relations, partnership and business cooperation in a new way and on different terms. The changes will occur in our entourage and will demand trips and adjustments. You might get a good offer. While playing a role of protector, benefactor, and a good Fairy, one who has power and authority is able to help, although he or she might demand one’s loyalty and devotion in return. On April 12-16, while passing destructive zodiacal degrees (Aries 23 and Pisces 4), an obstacle will arise. In order to evade it, one needs to show flexibility and calculate a multi-move. There is a risk to face dishonesty and bias. Probably, the intriguer does not mind to play a dirty trick upon you. ‘Draught’ in relationships and drain of finances are not excluded. This full moon quest is how to combine incompatible and reconcile opposites. That task also relates to thoughts and multidirectional inner tendencies while offering one to accept things that seem incomprehensible to the mind, to adapt and reconcile with oneself. You should hold on to your invisible inner witness who is watching the scene but is not part of the drama. Merely observing thoughts helps us to understand oneself better and when the restless mind stops, only tranquility or Shanti remains.

In a global context, this pre-eclipse full moon may have a profound effect in matters of political and spiritual confrontation, lawsuits, as well as weather and climate phenomena.