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February 8, 2024 · 1 min read

New Moon February 9-23

Symbol – Sky Blue Train

Around this new moon surprises in the form of unexpected news, meetings, visits, journeys and unplanned expenditures are likely, meanwhile there is a risk of accidents. A lot of promising plans will have to go through a silver colander of practical meanings to get a ticket to life. At the same time, it's easy to become hostage of your own ideas and promises, but the lot will be cast. The first week of the New Moon is more practical and works fine for dealing with financial matters. The second week will encourage us to free and passionate self-expression and the struggle for independence with a touch of voluntarism, but too futuristic aspirations and fervour risk facing public condemnation. It's important to observe piety and know when to stop, while avoiding extreme vagary and impulsiveness on February 13-17. Mid-February promises us a new turn in love, friendship or creative activity – a zest will be brought to these spheres, there good taste will successfully combine with a bit of push and aggression. One’s plans may change quite unexpectedly; a new hobby or a new “comrade” may appear, and a friend may suddenly turn into a lover. Some of us will be brought together by social work and the fight for rights, others by mutual plans and visions for the future. This new moon collegiality and strong friendship set the trend, but can get mixed up with tender feelings. The second week works fine for innovations in social work and the Internet, developing original concepts in design and changing the decor at home, choosing/selecting a new original odour, style or image. Meetings with friends, visiting vernissages, concerts and charity events are favourable (with caution on 13-14, 16-17). One can take a chance to become more socially attractive while creating an appealing profile or website or make new acquaintances in social networks. It is important not to go too far with originality; while signing up for a free training or course, one should guess how the trap is set to snatch the “free cheese”. This new moon is endowed with a quite freedom-loving spirit, so it will fuel the struggle for social justice, coupled with criticism of the authorities, and is unlikely to pass without public demonstrations and scandals (including sexual ones); moreover, militancy and extremism will escalate from mid-February to the Full Moon on February 24.