Creator of ArtUrania
November 11, 2023 · 1 min read

New Moon November 13-26

Symbol – The ocean of self-expression

The breath of the new moon is passionate, but coercing, while its character is erratic and wild, so close to it emergencies are likely. New Moon will bring unexpected trip due to circumstances, or the circumstances will happen during travelling. It is arrogant and risky to act on the first impulse and rush about. Further, the days November 15-21 are quite favourable for purchases, settling financial matters, renting or leasing a home, and medical treatment. They work fine for spiritual growth, diving into creative process, romance and intimacy as well as for water-based recreation and river cruise. Music, fine art and meditation with visualization will demonstrate its beneficial influence. It is good time for healing and correction of inner tuning; it is also capable to give an impetus to self-improvement and inner search, and if you have never painted, meditated or have not fallen in love for a long time – it is just right time. Inspiration will appear and all will magically come together. One can find a zealous and loyal ally who will help to arrange things. It is worth devoting yourself to what you sincerely believe in, but with the power of persuasion you should act gently without any extremes, because the spirit of this new moon awakens maniacs, fanatics and fervent fighters as well. These days while touching the most delicate strings in our souls, incline us to deep and passionate intimacy in love – such a charming time of the late fall. It pleases that we will have enough inner strength to make our dreams come true.  Starting from November 22 one by one some obstacles one has to overcome will pop up. One should not promise and rely much on friends. If you do not agree with something it would be better to say about that immediately, without waking false hopes. The last days close to the full moon will bring surprises as well.