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March 23, 2024 · 2 min read

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse March 24-25 – April 7

Symbol – Inner Flame

The topic of this new moon will be relationships with the closest and most loyal partners: meetings, discussions and joint agreements. You can better feel the secret aspirations of your nearest and dearest, their innermost hopes and dreams, and how deeply you can trust each other. This can also happen due to a long journey, hidden mutual assistance, or even visits to the hospital. Plans can be shelved, primarily due to lack of funding or inappropriate timing. Meanwhile, it is good to do the preparatory and rough work and, if you are not sure, reserve some “backup” time or an emergency exit for yourself. Rely on an inspired and active person (most likely a woman), a secret confidant or a soulmate who will help you to pull it off! However, the Full Moon breath will require the construction of internal fortifications and strengthening of inner guiding lines. It will address issues of safety, repair and space cleaning, including all hidden or intimate places: sewer drains and restrooms, attics, basements and sheds, garbage bins, enclosures, clearing of garden plots or shelters. Someone will feel the need to empty their “attic” from past failures and grievances. Staying in nature, in solitude or silence will help to understand one’s true motivation and the hidden motives of other people's actions. Healing practices, yoga, meditation and cleansing the intestines of toxins will be a good remedy. The Moon Penumbral Eclipse will give a lot in terms of spiritual guidance and cooperation, which is based on spiritual goals. It will awaken romantic fervor, creative imagination and vision, and revelations in dreams are possible. It is better to resolve financial issues in early April, but in a long-term perspective, without counting on immediate benefits. The closer to the Solar Eclipse on April 8, the greater the risk of fires, burns, arousing feelings of revenge and resentment, as well as breakdown of certain structures, especially on April 8-12. One should pay close attention to one’s inner feelings, because an unreliable friend may turn into an enemy over time, carrying out a hidden vengeance. Around the Solar Eclipse, it is better to avoid surgeries, as well as financial transactions, except donations, gifts and repayment of debts.