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March 7, 2024 · 1 min read

New Moon March 10-24

Symbol – Gold Fish

The New Moon’s enchanting breath encourages wanderlust, whether in reality or in dreams. It also favours adventures, speculative or clandestine income. Something can be done semi-legally or in a roundabout way, including through love or unofficial liaisons. Increased sensuality and appetence will ignite an intimate life, but without a spiritual core can lead to promiscuity and unmarital affairs. Creative characters should dive deep into their inner world and then visualise. You should follow what is authentically and truly inspiring, and some of your cherished desires will come true. The New Moon brings romance and inspiration, but not without fanaticism and fighting windmills. Illusions will either be transformed into something concrete, but less magical, or will fade away like a dream around March 21-22, when the secret will be revealed. It is also about the truth coming to light and confronting reality: in the financial aspect – about losses, debts and expenses, in love – about sacrifices “in the name of…”, a hint of suspicion or hour of parting. The days around March 19-20 will clarify relationships, while promising negotiations and meetings are likely. However, we tend to be direct and harsh in our words, categorical and “dichromatic” in our judgments, and by being too frank, we can set ourselves up, by expressing an opinion, truth or information that can be used by someone unfairly. The last degrees in the sign of Pisces, or March 15-19 which named “lost” and not good for starting new things. Although the vernal equinox bringing renewal and positive changes comes on March 20, it is already in the orb of the April Solar eclipse. On March 22-24, just before the upcoming penumbral Lunar Eclipse, one should take care of oneself and pay attention to one’s health, diet, and body’s ability to digest and assimilate the food and information; intestinal surgeries are not recommended. The New Moon itself can provoke natural and other phenomena: floods, earthquakes and shifts in financial markets. However, it works fine for healing, spiritual awakening, and romantic outings into nature.