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January 10, 2024 · 1 min read

New Moon January 11-24

Symbol – Hanuman’s Star

This unique new moon will play a role in a shifting of global trend and unconscious mindsets of people, while setting a cycle for the next 20 years, right up to 2043. Its somewhat dreamy beginning is associated with hopes, dreams, and surprises, while the practical middle with new endeavors, useful acquaintances and arrangement of affairs. The most significant days are January 19-21, when the changing of deep energies on a global scale will take place. The forthcoming changes will reveal themselves in reversal of global trends, public mood, and new security threats, as well as in alteration of our inner attitude, jolts of awareness, and turning-point in our affairs. On January 19-20 it is good to delve deeply inside, in the past, make a revision, acknowledge mistakes, and sincerely let go of everything, while on January 20-21 it is better to catch new ideas and conceive a plan what should be started, and then relax, letting yourself feel the shift of energies with your whole being. This new moon possesses power to trigger the processes of destruction and regeneration, to inflame the old, while giving birth to the new. To let the right thing come into one’s life, one has to part with the outdated, despite some painfulness of this process, which can last even for years. It is worth working with subconscious attitudes for deep purifying and complete renewal. The New Moon is able to light up the bright star of your affairs in the new cycle, help you to fit into a team or community or get involved into a social service, which will be relevant throughout the year or even the next 20 years. Changes won’t happen overnight, but some precursors or catalysts will become clear just on this new moon. The days starting from January 14 work fine for setting goals, talks, and business meetings, while January 18-20 can clarify some financial and personal affairs with partners, maybe somebody was being cunning, or you deluded yourself. However, last few days before the next Full Moon will have to strain ourselves, compete, or to sweat over a problem.