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July 5, 2024 · 1 min read

New Moon July 6-20

Symbol – Have you got a plan, Mr. Fix?

This New Moon works fine for long-term planning, laying the groundwork for the future, or even leaving a legacy for offspring. Its promising beginning is good for cultural events, art exhibitions, concerts and investments in art, virtual or real estate. Some will get long-awaited results in their studies or work, while others will be satisfied with the heartfelt appreciation of their household or work team. The first week is good for settling of family matters, construction and projection, development of workplaces (including websites and platforms), as well as making palatable decisions on their setting, styling, decoration and interior design. If you don’t like an atmosphere or environment, it is just the right time to change, to harmonise or to decorate. Investments in that area (including a good hotel or holiday home) will pay off. Till July 9 it is worth paying attention to compliance with laws and showing balance while sorting out relationships with significant other. Starting from July 12 the spirit of the new moon becomes expressive and dramatic. Spurred on by the call of freedom to express and rebel, the soul will crave new impressions and signs of attention. Travels and adventures will be unforgettable; however, one should avoid any risks when trying to take breathtaking shots. It is better to curb one’s appetites and be more modest, because envious and jealous people tend to act on the principle of “if you can’t forbid others to live well, you can try to put a monkey wrench in their lives”, although someone’s happiness or success, usually so appealing only from a distance, won’t take anything away from them.  One shouldn’t spin a love drama or conflict, because it’s easy to drive someone out of patience, get hit back, or cut off the outstretched wings of the budget. Around July 16, the risk of trauma and financial loss due to technical breakdowns or robbery will increase. Ignoring safety procedures, component failure, or weather conditions can cause accidents. Make sure that the handbrake and airbag are working properly and that the toaster or coffeemaker will not give you an electric shock. It would be nice to be able to repair all appliances in time. On this new moon you should not be in a hurry or rush things, it is better to trust in the Higher Providence – your own inner safety valve may also play its part. Sudden changes in plans and arrangements are possible near the next full moon. Breakdowns of valuable gadgets may occur, but if one is lucky, only a cup of an expensive dinner set will break. Children or loving pets can bring surprises. The full moon will bring about adjustments to plans and agreements.