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February 22, 2024 · 1 min read

Full Moon February 24-March 9

Symbol – Into Thin Air

The thoughtful breath of the Full Moon promotes detailed mind concentration on something abstract or on higher matters. It will bring out a certain spiritual ambition or matured inner need shifting the focus of attention to the search for the deep meaning that was lost in the everyday bustle. One will want to get rid of everything superficial, decorative and false that has become entrenched in habits, routine, and everyday trifles, returning to the eternal truth, pure idea or original form. It is also about overcoming inner limitations for further development. The Full Moon grants us a valuable experience in long journeys, separation, knowledge, as well as in relationships with followers, disciples or children. A piece of news from distant relatives, the revealed truth, a personal agreement with partners or tacitly adopted program will determine the long-term development of relationship, mission or project, while the line of Destiny tends to be quite unyielding. Because of lack of vitality during the Full Moon, hidden and chronic health problems, sleeping disorders or inner fears may accentuate. The beginning of the Full Moon can reveal the inability to live within one’s means or provoke unnecessary spending. Conflicts with superiors, bosses, and simply on financial ground are possible. One should avoid abusing someone else’s money or good attitude. February 29 – March 2 work fine for clearly defining your position, clarifying agreements and paying off debts. On March 2-4 breakdown of appliances or devices can entail expenses. The days before the New Moon on March 10 will spur your imagination and intuition and works great for creative activity (especially for writers, musicians, photographers), as well as for developing of extrasensory perception, Gestalt therapy and healing practices; one may receive revelations in meditations and dreams. These days also will awaken nostalgia for the past, so it is worth to express emotional experiences in poetry, review old photographs and rewatch old movies. At the same time, there is a risk of intrigues, while financial prospects will be blurred and deceptive. On the March 7-9 you may be ignored or unintentionally misled by simply not notifying you of something. One should not drive without enough sleep or under medication. This Full Moon couldn’t be better for inner self-improvement, but will require self- discipline, inner honesty and the ability to extract the hidden meaning of life’s lessons.