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May 7, 2024 · 1 min read

New Moon May 8-22

Symbol – Peacock's Fan

This New Moon reveals a peacock’s fan of various opportunities, beautiful life and success. Planted seeds of new ventures will sprout in both financially and in terms of acknowledgment, but one should cultivate them through the mediation of a benefactor or in an unconventional way. It works fine for promoting works of art, selling services related to beauty and health of the physical body, food, clothing, interior and high-end goods, as well as high-quality services to solvent clientele (including the repair of luxury and valuable items). One may receive an unusual offer of cooperation. This new moon changes the familiar ways and habitual routes, giving new possibilities related to love, favourite things and comfortable surroundings. We can take a fresh look and re-evaluate those things, our attachments and the environment we cherished. The chances that we decide to make a change are high. The new moon may turn out to be rich in trips, adventures and interesting acquaintances and new turns in ordinary course of things; however, our plans may be too bright. May 8-9, 21-22, and especially May 17-19 increase a risk of technical breakdowns, malfunctions, and accidents. Mid-May strengthens the impetus for action, but on the May 16-18, disagreements will escalate: it is worth to postpone interviews, talks and sorting out relations (unless one needs to put pressure and push some issue through). Rash statements and financial problems may provoke a conflict, and a tough argument can lead to fights. At best we will show courage and daring, at worst the desire to take something forcefully and insolently. There is a risk of encountering unprincipled, insidious rivals, assaults of competitors or even marginal elements. These days strikes and protests are possible, the risk of fires, injures (especially to the head) increases, and public events can be disrupted. It is better not to speak out on military-patriotic topics. However, a stressful or an emergency situation can spur a decisive breakthrough – a strong-willed, risky and even heroic deed in the spirit of Daredevil or Baron Münchhausen, pulling himself out of the swamp or comfort zone by hair. The main thing that from Mid-May up to the next Full Moon our actions have double and even triple power, so it is important to channel them in a constructive and practical direction, then we can even remove mountains. This New Moon is interesting because at the beginning and in the end one can see the blue bird of tomorrow’s happiness where no one expected it – that is, very close.