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January 23, 2024 · 1 min read

Full Moon January 25-February 8

Symbol – Rebellious Durian

This Full Moon possesses an expressive, rebellious, creative and an extravagant spirit. It has an acumen and sharp emotional thorns that can be transformed into tickling pimples of a soft toy if one curb selfish impulses and predatory instincts. Its very beginning increases our desire for a beautiful life, to show oneself in all one’s glory and to surpass someone, but it is not good for discussing a raise with bosses, large acquisition and expansion of influence, because it is easy to overestimate the winning prospects and financial possibilities. The Full Moon inclines us to emotional extremism and indulging in a sense of self-importance; it may seem that the degree of recognition does not correspond to the brilliance of our talent or the magnitude of our contribution, for example, to relationship and raising children. Holidays, hobbies, expensive things and spending on them will be relevant topics. It is important not to be led by emotions and feelings, allowing yourself to wallow in personal drama, but to use ardour and ingenuity for creative and constructive solutions. The period up to February 4 works fine for active travels and business trips, professional and sharp debates, competitions and contests. However, on January 28-29 something can fail and be fizzled away. On the same dates including February 5 one should be more careful on the road and avoid harsh statements. The last days of January will grant us useful information, interesting and necessary trips and acquaintances. You may be lucky in both love and business matters – possibly, these two will go amazingly well together. One will be able to make money on beauty, some pleasant and at the same time useful skills or services, have a good rest, make high-quality purchases, and conclude agreements, as well as enlist the support of sponsors and benefactors. With proper patience and perseverance we can reach our goals, at that a “sadhana” should be performed – a systematic effort or regular practice that will help to control and discipline the desires and feelings. Some time it makes sense NOT to put your interests at the first place, but there is also no need for ostentatious sacrifices that are inconvenient and not very important to others. This Full Moon teaches us to be responsible for our desires and feelings.