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April 22, 2024 · 1 min read

Full Moon April 23 – May 7

Symbol – Soul Flame

The days around the Full Moon provoke psychological tension or touch a painful string of possessiveness and jealousy, while exposing our vulnerabilities, especially under stress. This may be uncertainty in the financial safety and life sustenance or sexual concerns. We tend to vent our frustration on someone, so offences may erupt like a volcano. Financial and tax audits, penalties and fines are not excluded. Events can stimulate a lively exchange of thoughts, opinions and a desire to come to a constructive solution, providing friendly support. It is worth discussing problems openly, without hiding a “pig in a poke,” and then taking concrete actions. The last days of April are saturated with an excess of psychic and spiritual energy – these elemental forces will lead us permeating all aspects of our activity and inspiring various states: from creative and love fervour to obsessions and craze. They bring strong inner impulse, healing power, vivid experiences in intimate affairs and noticeable results in secret pursuits that ignite our imagination. The visualization possesses a special power: we can imagine and then make a reality of that. However, one should check ideas for “grounding”, because they may be disconnected from reality. At the same time, the self-deception tendency and the desire to involve others in the struggle for one’s righteous or false ideals will increase. One should beware of fanatical pursuit of some goal, intrigue and betrayal, chemical burns and electricity, infections and poisoning (including medications). Oddly enough, the most intransigence will manifest itself in struggle for peace and spiritual ideals. Just a few days after the Full Moon Mercury will turn direct, and starting from May, Venus and Mars will occupy their royal dominions in heavenly abodes: things will unfold, move forward and, finally, confidently go in the right direction. The beginning of May promises a good and fruitful time – one should plan active, healthy and useful activities, especially those that can bring practical results. These days works great for planting, starting work in the fruit or vegetable garden, on the dacha plot, and for constructions works. Nevertheless, close to the full moon and at the end of April the risk of natural disasters (floods, earthquakes, storms), fires, and the actions of fanatics remains.