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June 21, 2024 · 1 min read

Full Moon June 22-July 5

Symbol – Sunflower

This Full Moon will change the mood of the summer for a good long while. From this Full Moon a new spiral of tension will begin, when Neptune and Saturn will turn retrograde, and the latter is destined to clash with Jupiter. Their fateful encounter occurs in August when public rhetoric will become tougher while leading to bellicose actions or crisis. Meanwhile, this full Moon will bring the personal and professional goals out, rather, in a way opposing the family interests or, vice versa, demanding employing all internal or family financial and other resources, or else the help of relatives. The issues of organization to manage everything at home and at work in time, and self-restraint for the sake of a lofty goal will arise. The Full Moon will occupy us with home and keeping our household, with family and relative issues, family vacation or choosing between family holidays and business trip. It is worth to develop business and working sites and places, including websites, dacha or office, garage or storehouse, whilst keeping an eye on preservation of relics and old things, family traditions and mode of family life, as well as to make a repair, to fill a stock, to look after an orchard or vegetable garden. This time works fine to make thorough repair and major constructions; however, the process can take a long time. This Full Moon contains the seed of maturation which will sprout into the awareness of important vital goals. Some will have to demonstrate their professional skills, while others are in for emancipation and renouncing home comfort for the sake of the future. Νone the less, the peace, harmony and love will be brought to home or some other private space (sanctum or even inner world). From June 29 to July 8 – critical days when one should not judge or follow the public opinion that tend to find a scapegoat. We can witness the consequences of an erroneous choice, public punishment or trial. Because of mistakes made or failure to follow the letter of the law may result in penalties and fines. One should avoid visiting public sites and courtrooms without a strong reason. “Thread breaks where it is weakest” – this relates to marital relationship, relations with regular partners and the law. In matrimonial and business relationships the trust and loyalty are of much importance, although the other party can let down by violating an agreement.