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May 20, 2024 · 1 min read

Full Moon May 23-June 5

Symbol – Wing Swing

This Full Moon endows us with agility, ease of perception and a willingness to try new things, while encouraging us to wander, to find variety and new paths, with a touch of adventurism. It is good to get rid of some flab, change scenery, pay a visit, listen to diverse opinions and attend a public event. While being outdoors or on the journey one will catch fresh ideas and interesting alternatives. Close to Full Moon Day one can get a present or reward for one’s efforts. At this Full Moon a significant switch of energies occurs, for planets fly from the earthly sign of Taurus to mutable and dual Gemini, so at this time we are rocked by the will of Fate. Jupiter responsible for socialization and success will stay in Gemini till the beginning of June 2025 (!), opening a Year of Snake at full extent and translating Snake’s unique adaptive qualities – image change, body resilience, agility, instant reaction and foresight. Jupiter in Gemini not only brings new pathways, but also promises to test, how and in what acceptable way we can bring the light of knowledge, present and sell our ideas and skills, and whether the public will take seriously our authority, which has yet to survive among the polarities of public opinions and various alternatives. From May 29 to June 3 with the peak on May 31, the planets are moving across the Aldebaran-Antares “suspension bridge” of catastrophes, so there are hazards to transportation routes, air structures, antennas, cables, and seatbelts. Nevertheless, many will be travelling and exploring, for the spirit of the Full Moon does not incline us to linger on one place or thing. Successful and original ideas, clever concoctions and inventions, including financial schemes, are possible. At the beginning of June, the possibility to invest in different portfolios or business projects will appear; at the same time, many activities, hobbies or connections will arise. Flirting, favourites, subscribers, as well as choosing from a variety of options or multitasking are relevant close to the next New Moon. It is worth to negotiate with teachers, patrons, and sponsors in early June for a chance to begin again in the land of the great opportunity and adventure.